About Us

Abanik. The concept.

Abanik’s concept is a fusion menu restaurant in the heart of Barcelona, with a list of very elaborated gourmet dishes and an incredible price surrounding always 10 euros limit, along with fantastic cocktails, gin & tonics and some other beverages. Top quality and fun are always a priority of each of our team members, your amazing experience it’s on the way!

What the… fan is “abanik” more precisely?

Abanik is a fan. In Spanish would be the “abanico”, the link between Asia and Europe (more specific to Spain in this case). The fan is one of the few, if not the only one symbol which links those two far away cultures since ages, and Abanik Bar transmits this link into the dishes.

The Team and some trivia facts

Abanik is the product of love and passion of three guys with wide experience in different areas. David the brain of the kitchen and the service, with more than 10 years experience in top restaurants all over the world, Miky the manager and cocktail chef with five stars formation in big hotel chains in Spain. Sunshine handles the marketing, as a show man and travel vlogger with more than 15 years experience worldwide.

Each one of them put their stamp on this project and create the new standard in this sector and why not maybe create the trend into restaurantion area. As their own status is Fanning your feelings, this restaurant is a small universe where everyone comes together to feel as a family.