Main Courses

    • Main Courses

    • The Dish of The Day


      Our Surprise dish made different every week which will delight you with new flavours and fresh ingredients. Ask us what’s our dish today!

    • Argentinissimo


      Argentinian slow cooked skirt steak for 8 hours in the “rational”, with sea red wine sauce, emulsión of “Chimichurri” and “Crispy sweet potatoes”.

    • The Beef Canon


      Veal cheek Cannelloni, with the reduction of the “Spanish Sauce”, a soft “Bechamel” with Parmesan and Creamy Cheese, powder of mushrooms, and crispy chip of Parmesan Cheese.

    • Greendu Salmon


      Slow cooked salmon with green curry sauce, accompanied by baby carrots, asparagus and coriander oil.

    • Niu JiaoZi


      Home made duck dumplings, with the reduction of the Cantonease sauce, and a home made foam of “Tamarind”.