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    • The Dish of The Day


      Our Surprise dish made different every week which will delight you with new flavours and fresh ingredients. Ask us what’s our dish today!

    • Bravos


      Our personalised version of Bravas rustic potatoes, with our home made garlic mayonnaise sauce slow cooked in the oven for two hours, and our “brava” sauce  with Marsala red wine from Italy, Catalan tomato, and “shichimi” powder from Japan.

    • Abanik Salad


      Fresh rocket salad with a home made dressing of honey, mustard and olive oil, with fresh strawberries, two “tears” of a home made jam of tomato, and caramelised goat cheese with brown sugar and pine seeds.

    • Chick Chick Chicken


      Our home made chicken tights, marinated in coconut milk for five hours, with Japanese Panko, served with a home made chutney of mango and sweet chilli.

    • La Burratina


      Fresh Italian Burrata with “spherifications”  of Basil oil and different textures of the tomato: home made ice cream of tomato and basil, home made jam of tomato and slow cooked tomatoes in the oven for one hour.

    • La Vie en Rice


      Seasonal mushrooms risotto, with idiazabal cheese from Basque Country, Parmesan cheese from Italy, truffle oil, and crispy chips of artichokes and Parmesan.

    • The Rolling Rolls


      Vietnamese spring rolls filled with Iberian ham, shrimps, avocado, carrot, cucumber, mint and roosted sesame, accompanied by a home made gelatine of basil and lime and a touch of a teriyaki sauce.

    • Argentinissimo


      Argentinian slow cooked skirt steak for 8 hours in the “rational”, with sea red wine sauce, emulsión of “Chimichurri” and “Crispy sweet potatoes”.

    • The Beef Canon


      Veal cheek Cannelloni, with the reduction of the “Spanish Sauce”, a soft “Bechamel” with Parmesan and Creamy Cheese, powder of mushrooms, and crispy chip of Parmesan Cheese.

    • Greendu Salmon


      Slow cooked salmon with green curry sauce, accompanied by baby carrots, asparagus and coriander oil.

    • TartaRara


      Salmón tartar, marinated in Japanese oyster sauce, olive oil, fresh lime and roosted sesame, topped with a home made foam of French Melon, seaweed nori chips, and points of sweet avocado and wasabi.

    • Niu JiaoZi


      Home made duck dumplings, with the reduction of the Cantonease sauce, and a home made foam of “Tamarind”.

    • Helados de la casa - Ice Cream


      Early Grey / Vanilla /  Passion Fruit / Mixed Red Fruits with various toppings of the day.

    • Pinipal


      Candied pineapple with coconut foam and cinnamon topping.

    • Cheese Cake


      Our home made cheesecake made with Italian mascarpone cheese, home made raspberry jam, and accompanied by vainilla ice cream.

    • Chocolandia (2 pax)


      The “chocolate” land is a dish full of creativity and improvisation, it contains brownie cubes, chocolate crumble, chocolate fondant all circling the red fruit ice cream. The dish is designed in front of your eyes.